Feel The Difference With Crystal Prime Deluxe 18000 Portability

Crystal Prime deluxe 18000 portability is an urgent and essential component. In addition, it empowers clients to savour their vaping experience succeeding, whether driving, travelling or just making the rounds. Also, this device is changing the game with its monstrous puff count of up to 18000. Consequently, it offers you longer-enduring fulfilment and eliminates the frequency with which you want to replace your vape. So, this blog explains the features of this vape that contribute to deluxe 18000 portability.

Crystal Prime Deluxe 18000 

With an assortment of tasty flavours, the Crystal Prime Deluxe 18000 stands apart from regular disposable vapes. Thus, this vape provides you with an explosion of taste with each puff.

This great puff count means you can partake in your number one flavours for a much longer time. Additionally, it makes your vaping experience better without the problem of steady and constant replacements. Whether you're an expert vaper or simply beginning and curious about vaping, this Prime Deluxe 18000 has got you covered. So, its design is intended for usability. Therefore, remove it from the packaging, eliminate the defensive covers, and you're all set. Basically, it would help if you inhaled from the mouthpiece, and the vape activates automatically. Also, it is a smooth, fulfilling vape without any buttons or complicated settings.


  • Up to 18000 Puffs
  • Draw Activated 
  • Mesh coil technology 
  • Battery capacity: 650 mAh Battery 
  • 130*25 mm size
  • Battery type: Built-in Rechargeable
  • Crystal Clear with LED Effect 
  • Available in more than 24 best flavours
  • Prefilled E-Liquid Pod Tank 
  • Tank capacity: 25ml 
  • Mouth-to-lung vaping mechanism
  • Premium-looking, user-friendly crystal design

Puff count enhances deluxe 18000 portability:

The puff count improves the Deluxe 18000's Portability in more than one way. Firstly, users can only go for extended periods if they expect to carry additional cases or e-fluid containers. This makes it ideal for travel or outings where space is restricted. Therefore, with 18,000 puffs available to them, users can confidently leave home. Thus, they realize that they have all that could be needed for vaping, and it can easily last through their activities.

Further, the deluxe 18000 disposable vape's high limit solidifies it as an ideal choice for clients. It is best for those who have rushed timetables or restricted opportunities to pause and replace their vape device during the day. So, whether driving to work or going to parties, users can rely upon the device to convey a predictable or consistent vaping experience.

Premium-looking, user-friendly crystal design for on-the-go convenience

The Crystal Prime 18000 deluxe highlights a crystal design that separates it as a convenient vaping device. Likewise, with its premium-looking shape, it fits easily in the centre of your hand. Additionally, it slips effectively into pockets or sacks.

Also, the vape's advanced, stylish and premium finish further enhances its allure, making it a fashionable accessory for progressing vapers.

Recharged Battery: 

Unlike traditional disposables, the Prime Deluxe flaunts an underlying 650mAh battery. This expands its life expectancy and lessens general waste. Consequently, this 650mAh battery contributes to Deluxe 18000 portability by guaranteeing continuous vaping meetings in a hurry. So, it flawlessly mixes performance with comfort in one smooth device.

Draw-Activated process: 

This vape probably works with a draw-activated system. This implies you just inhale to vape, eliminating the requirement for buttons or difficult settings. Thus, it is ideal for novices or those looking for an issue-free encounter. Also, this element eliminates the requirement for manual button presses. In this way, it improves the vaping system and upgrades user convenience. Moreover, with the draw-activated framework, clients can inhale to activate the vape.

Likewise, it makes it intuitive and straightforward to use even while in a hurry. Moreover, the prefilled 25 ml tank lessens the risk of leakage or spills. This further improves the deluxe 18000 portability and unwavering quality.

Mesh Coil Technology: 

The Crystal Prime Deluxe uses a mesh coil, which offers better flavour and vapour creation than customary coils. Each puff exemplifies correct manufacturing for an immersive vaping practice like never before.

Variety of Flavours:

With an assortment of tasty flavours, each provides you with an eruption of taste with each puff. So, the Deluxe 18000 stands apart from ordinary disposable vapes that don't keep going for extended periods. Moreover, from conventional tobacco and menthol to fruity and desert-inspired choices, these are ideal to consider. Besides, with such a different cluster of flavours accessible, users can investigate new preferences and find their perfect vape experience. Also, the range of disposable vape flavours accessible dramatically enhances the client experience. However, it gives choices to personalization. Users can try different things with various flavours to track down their top picks.

Also, they can shift between flavours to keep their vaping experience fresh and exciting. Furthermore, the portability of flavour options permits users to enjoy their favourite tastes in any setting or mood. Following is the flavour profile it has:

  1. Lemon lime
  2. Summer Dream
  3. Mr Blue
  4. Red Apple Ice
  5. Berry Blaze
  6. Blue Razz Lemonade
  7. Blueberry cherry cranberry
  8. Blue Razz Cherry
  9. Banana ice
  10. Hubba Bubba
  11. Triple Mango
  12. Fresh Mint
  13. Blueberry Raspberry
  14. Strawberry Raspberry
  15. Cherry ice
  16. Gummy Bear
  17. Strawberry Kiwi
  18. Skittles
  19. Juicy Peach
  20. Raspberry Mint
  21. Fizzy cherry
  22. Pineapple ice
  23. Ice Pop
  24. Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice
  25. Watermelon Ice
  26. Black Mamba
  27. Raspberry Mint
  28. Fir Bru
  29. Black Berry Ice

Potential Advantages Of Deluxe 18000 Portability:

For vapers looking for an enduring disposable experience, the Crystal Prime 18000 deals a few benefits:

  • The built-in rechargeable battery wipes out reliance on disposing of disposable devices after a single use.
  • The draw-activated process makes this device ideal for novices or individuals who lean toward a straightforward vaping experience.
  • The different flavour choices take care of many preferences of users. Also, it caters to a wide range of favourite choices.
  • By choosing a vape with a high puff count like the Crystal Prime Deluxe 18000, users quickly add to reducing the environmental impact of disposable vaping devices. With fewer devices being disposed of regularly, there is less plastic waste winding up in landfills or contaminating seas and biological systems.
  • The 18,000 puff count fundamentally diminishes the requirement for frequent buys. Also, it possibly sets aside cash over the long haul. The broad puff count of 18,000 puffs means fewer buys after some time, eventually saving users money in the long run. With fewer replacements required, vapers can allocate their budget more effectively. Thus, they easily enjoy their vaping experience without burning through every last cent.


The Crystal Prime Deluxe 18000 succeeds in portability because of its premium-looking, crystal-clear design, broadened puff count, and creative elements. For example, the rechargeable battery and draw-activated unit tank are fundamentally important.

Via flawlessly mixing taste and design, the Crystal Prime Deluxe offers users an unmatched vaping experience. Accordingly, it supports delight to uncommon levels of vaping at any place and at whatever point they decide to enjoy.