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In today's vaping industry, providing excellence and price value are two of the most important considerations. Let us introduce to you our high-quality product, Crystal Pro Twist, which is both great in quality and reasonable. This fantastic vape is recommendable for you to purchase because of its affordable nature and guaranteed supplies.  The Crystal Twist 15k is our standout model due to its attractive design, innovative solutions, and ease of use. 

Best UK Vapes is the best provider of Crystal Twist 15k in the UK. Our reputation for reliability and excellent service ensures quick product delivery. 

 Specifications of the Crystal Twist 15000:  

  • Up to 15000+ Puffs

  • 850mAh Built-in Battery  

  • Mega Mesh Enhanced Coil 

  • Dual Twist Flavour Option  

  • Rechargeable Type-C USB 

  • Switchable Mouthpiece  

  • LED Visual Display Screen  

  • Twisted Double E-Liquid Tank

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Best UK Vapes goes a step further by offering the lowest prices. We value our customers, and our prices are comfortable enough for everyone to enjoy the benefits of vaping. Best UK Vapes offers not only competitive prices but also quality products and quality service. To make sure that our customers get high-quality products, we always source from authentic suppliers or manufacturers. 

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Unique Flavours of the Crystal Pro 15000:

Crystal Pro 15000 offers the best flavours to enhance your vape experience. From refreshing menthols and fruit flavours to sweet desserts and traditional tobacco flavours, there is something for everyone. Each puff provides a new taste experience, making each vaping session sweet and fulfilling. Discover the best disposable vape flavours for you now and forever.  

  • Blue Razz Gummy Bear  

  • Fresh Mint 

  • Lemonade Ice  

  • Juicy Peach  

  • Banana Ice  

  • Triple Cherry  

  • Skittles  

  • Gummy Bear

  • Cherry Ice  

  • Strawberry Banana  

  • Lemon and lime  

  • Pink Lemonade

Why does Crystal Twist 15k stand out among other vapes?

This amazing disposable vape offers an impressive 15000 puff count, thus making sure that vape enthusiasts can enjoy a long-lasting vaping experience. To deliver this massive puff count, Crystal Twist 15k comes with two e-liquid tanks and provides convenience as well as versatility for the vapers.  

Moreover, Crystal Twist 15k also comes with a twistable mouthpiece that lets you switch between the flavours whenever you want. Another incredible feature of this vape is mesh coil technology. With this advanced feature, you can have more intense, thick, flavourful puffs. Therefore, with this feature, you get to enjoy a smooth and satisfying vaping experience from the start to the end. 

The rechargeable battery allows you to have long-lasting vaping sessions. Also, the best part is that you can charge the device quickly and anywhere with a Type-C charging port. So, you can charge the vape device conveniently and vape on the go without worrying about the battery. 

Furthermore, with this disposable vape, you can stay informed about the battery capacity because it comes with an LED display screen. So, grab your Crystal Pro Twist vape today and enjoy endless advanced features. 

Why choose Best UK Vapes as your partner for Crystal Pro Twist?

No doubt, choosing Best UK Vapes as your partner for Crystal Pro Twist comes with innovative solutions. Therefore, we provide you with the most affordable prices in the market. Our focus on quality ensures that you get products that are original and effective in order to improve customer satisfaction. By offering guaranteed delivery, you can ensure that your products are always available to keep up with market demand. Moreover, we also provide customer support, and we are ready to help you when you buy from us. If you have any concerns or queries, you can ask. We are here to help you. So, get the opportunity to work with Best UK Vapes and increase your sales for the highest quality.


Is this product safe to use?

The Crystal Pro Twist is safe for use. It meets all safety regulations and has over-charge protection as well as short-circuit protection.

What is a dual e-liquid tank?

The dual e-liquid tank allows users to transition between both e-liquid flavours with ease. Thus, it provides better options for e-liquids and better convenience in use. 

Is the battery long-lasting?

It is known for its battery, which is designed to make it usable throughout the whole working day if you have average needs.

Is this device user-friendly?

Absolutely, the amazing Crystal Pro Twist is a user-friendly device that activates upon inhaling through the mouthpiece. Therefore, with this vape, you can avoid the buttons and complicated startup interface and enjoy vaping with a draw-activation system.